Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lesson 4, Assignment

Lesson 5, Presentation

3 pages of interface

Lesson4, Mystery meat navigation

Mystery meat Navigation(MMN) as described as its term is regarding to web navigation design.

MMN is a term coined and popularized bu author, web designer, and usability analyst Vincent Flanders to describe user interfaces (especially websites) in which it is inordinately difficult for users to discern the destinations of navigational hyperlinks.

WD Lesson4: web Funtionality + Practicality + Aesthetic

Web Content Accessibility Guideliners 2.0 (WCAG)
-To make Web Content more accessible to people
-To solve problems
1. They want/need information
2. They want/need to make a purchase/ donation
3. They want/need to be entertained
4. They want/need to be part of a community


Audiences for accessibility

Visual Disabilities
Use enlargement, screen readers or Braille displays for font sizes & color contrast.

Hearing disabilities
Need captioning for audio and video

Physical disabilities
Need to substitube the mouse usage with keyboard or voice input.

Cognitive disabilities
Need consistent navigation structure. Flickering designs can be a problem.

Technology or bandwidth challenged
May habe older browsers or computers, may have a dialup connection.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lesson 3: Home assignment

1. refine sketches, upload to blog(scan/photo)
2. Production
3. After aprroved, do the 1st and 2nd page in digital/pc

reminder: presentation on Lesson 5

Lesson3, Web Design1

L3: Web Design consideration

Image Optimization

-Joint Photograph Expert Group

-Graphic Interchange Format

-Portable Network Graphic (PNG)

PNG 24 bit
-PNG 24 bits support Alpha channel


Typography For Web

-selectedable in website is real text
-cannot be selectedable is image text

-real text are alias font
-anti-alias font is for flatten image

Web font
-a signle web page's fields of view
-information priority (never find a title smaller than the content)
-legibility (10pt, 11pt to 12pt) (title 14pt and above)
-copywriting is interface design

Web(audio + video) consideration
-audio on the internet
-stereo + mono
-sampling rate + bit depth
-video on the internet
-fps(frame per second)
-bytes per frame
-file format

Tutorial Part
URL - Uniform Resource Locator

hypertext = hypertext link
hypermedia = pictures/animation/video & bla bla bla

Absolute link/ URL (call the whole thing)

Relative link/ URL (call the sub folder)
-page 1

../ to jump out from the html folder to call the index.html

img src="../images.pic1.jpg"

call to the end

Anchor mark for the end bottom,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new learn Action Script3.0 apply to what i want to say

i find you;
i want to see you;
if i call you;
i want to talk to you;

if i find you out to yam cha;
i want to see you and wanna talk to you;
i can find another people;}

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Self reflection Report

At first, for what i remember. The rhythm from the music.
The blue color part is the sadness that i felt when I'm listening.
I don't really remember of the music, but the colors that i used
i kindally know what it means.

Life are just like music..
Up and down, bright and dark.
We are happy and sad in our life.
This piece of work made me felt like our life.

Rhythm is from the music, and i can fell the sadness from the song,
so i used the dark blue for it. The green color part i felt like
I'm just in the jungle. Red color part are the happiness part!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The final..

main page

when u point to the icon

characters introduction

click the menu bar

1 of the scence in the story


I did not upload the loading because the colours changed!
It's so ugly!
Present to u guys on wednesday.
I had changed some of the things in my interface.
Do comment on my final interface here.